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Stars: Mario FanfaniGeoffrey CouëtFrançois Nambot

Theo and Hugo encounter each other in a sex club, where their overwhelming desire creates an unexpected intimacy.

Leaving the club they drift down the deserted streets of nocturnal Paris, but reality suddenly confronts them in an unexpected way. Do they want to know more about each other? Can their trust be rewarded? Will love come with the dawn of a new day?

Told in real time this authentic tale of love and intimacy is Ducastel & Martineau’s (Cockles & Muscles, Drôle de Félix, Ma Vie, Born in ‘68) most ambitious film to date and a candid insight into 21st century gay life.

Considered “too sexy” to play in most UK cinemas, the wonderful THEO & HUGO is  available on Blu-ray and DVD. On the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the film you can follow the boys exact route across Paris from the chapter menu, where their route and key moments from the film are easily accessed.

Also available On-Demand on PeccadilloPOD