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Elliot Tittensor (TV s Shameless) stars as Daz in headlining film PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT, a gripping British film debut that sees him woo a young lad in an underpass, only to be threatened with a break-up the following morning. Passive and submissive roles are tackled and tugged in gay graffiti tale VANDALS and Icelandic grapple-fest WRESTLING, while POSTMORTEM, MY NAME IS LOVE, and Iris Prize winner STEAM look at promising encounters that turn awry.

Rounding out the collection are HEIKO, an alternative ode to foot fetishes, BREATH where 12 year old Erik swims out to sea to make a daring move on his best friend s father, and the crème de la crème from this collection TREVOR, which won multiple prestigious awards from Sundance, Teddy Berlinale and even The Academy Awards (Oscar) for Best Short Film.

Steam Dir. Eldar Rapaport (USA) 15mins Winner of the Iris Prize 2009 – Starring Julien Zeitouni, Scott Hislop

Moving between anxiety, reflection and fear, two strangers try to make sense of their predicament…stuck in a steam room. Heat increasing, they need to get out but can’t find the door. What is this place and how did they get here?

Protect Me From What I Want Dir. Dominic Leclerc (UK) 14mins – Starring Elliott Tittensor, Naveed Choudhury

Daz is looking for love. Saleem is looking for sex. Cruising at an underground archway, these two worlds collide. Back at Daz’ bedsit, Saleem embarks on a dangerous, thrilling sexual adventure. Both characters disparate worlds overlap and collide to tell a tale of loneliness and longing in a city late at night.

Heiko Dir. David Bonneville (Portugal) 13mins – Starring Jaime Freitas, José Manuel Mendes

A carefree young man really puts his foot in it with his obsessive lover.

Breath Dir. Margien Rogaar (Netherlands) 8mins 

On a trip to the lake, 12yo Erik feels deeply attracted to the father of his friend Sophie, and hatches a plan to express the extent of his love.

Postmortem Dir. Eldar Rapaport (USA) 16mins – Starring Murray Bartlett, Daniel Dugan

Romanticized as a fruit of desire and imagination, Postmortem plays out as a fleeting moment between two men who briefly reunite to reminisce and unload.

My Name Is Love Dir. David Färdmar (Sweden) 20mins – Starring Adam Lundgren, Jonas Rimeika

Love and Sebastian meet each other by a coincidence on a hot Swedish summer night. They happen to share the same secret, but their encounter is going to cause severe consequences for both of them – Special Mention, Iris Prize

Wrestling Dir. Grimur Hakonarson (Iceland) 21mins – Starring Halldór Gylfason, Björn Ingi Hilmarsson

Denni and Einar both practice the sport of Icelandic wrestling, which allows them to escape their daily routine, to express their true selves. Yet little do the wrestling spectators know, the men harbour a secret passion for each other. – Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival

Vandals Dir. Simon Steuri (Germany / Switzerland) 17mins – Starring Jonas Ullmann, Nils Althaus

The difficult balancing of two young graffiti artists trying to live their love without betraying what is closest to their heart: painting.

Trevor Dir. Peggy Rajski (USA) 23mins – Starring Brett Barsky, Cory Miller, Judy Kain

Trevor is a film that deals with the very real issue of one’s self worth in the eyes of the people that matter in your life. It takes a sensitive yet blunt approach to suicide. It deals with a young boy’s thoughts about his sexuality at a very important stage of his life. There s a little bit of Trevor in all of us. With a soundtrack featuring a bevy of songs from Diana Ross, Trevor is an uplifting and fulfilling cinematic experience. – Winner Academy Award (Oscar), Winner Teddy Award Berlin

Format: DVD 9 PAL (region free)

Language: English

Subtitles: English