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“We have never backed away from a challenge or a threat, we have accepted it and said okay, bring it on.” – Lord Michael Cashman

From music mogul to film director, Simon Napier-Bell (previously manager of The Yardbirds, T Rex, WHAM! and George Michael) has been pivotal to so much of popular culture over the past 50 years.

Simon has gathered together some of our nations much loved personalities including Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Elton John, Matt Lucas, Stephen K. Amos, Derek Jacobi and Stephen Fry, to make 50 YEARS LEGAL; a documentary of historical and personal accounts that relate to key landmarks in the landscape of LGBT culture.

“No one is born prejudiced, they learn it and they can unlearn it very quickly”
Sir Ian McKellen

Release date: 14 May 2018

Writer Director: Simon Napier-Bell

Cast: Sir Ian McKellen, Matt Lucas, Sir Elton John, Sir Derek Jacobi, Simon Callow

Language: English

Format: DVD 9 PAL

Also available On-Demand on PeccadilloPOD.com