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Cast: Clotilde Hesme, Grégory Gadebois, Evelyne Didi


The award-winning debut feature from writer/director Alix Delaporte is an arresting and intimate drama about two lost souls in search of human connection.

Angel (Clotilde Hesme, The Returned) is a young woman falling apart. She arrives at the seaside town of Normandy fiercely determined to reconnect with her young son, yet also scared she’s unfit to take care of him. Tony (Gregory Gadebois, Gainsbourg) is a fisherman who lives with his widowed mother, trapped in emotional solitude.

The two meet via a personal ad; Angel is forthright and rough, and her attempts to seduce him are met with surprise: Tony literally can’t believe his luck… The two form a fractured relationship, but will the secret that Angel harbours threaten their future?

Angel & Tony was a sleeper hit at the French box office in early 2011, quickly expanding across the country on the back of overwhelmingly positive critical and public response.

With her quiet, intimate approach, Delaporte allows the actors to shine, and the pitch-perfect, wholly naturalistic performances from Hesme and Gadebois elevate this absorbing and sensitive drama, as does the magnificent coastal scenery.